Celebrates 50,000 Hits!

And has a poetry party, reading and panel discussion.

I don't want to waste any time. Stream it all to me baby!
Our host: CJ Laity at the Mic

Our Host: CJ Laity

Charlie and CJ checking their eyelids for cracks.

Our  panelists Charlie Rossiter and CJ Laity listening intently.

Larry W also checks his eyelids for cracks.

Our other panelist Larry Winfield is deeply affected.

 Listen to CJ's Introductions [Stream] [Download]
Listen to Lisa H [Stream] [Download] knock 'em dead.

But what about poems about poetry? [Stream] [Download]

Lisa H. delivering the goods.

Lisa H. weaving a poetic spell.

Ms. Cullen reads her sex poem.

Okay... Was Ms. Cullen's poem about sex?.

Listen to Ms. Cullen [Stream] [Download] and decide for yourself.

Now listen to what the panel thought. [Stream] [Download]

Listen to Maureen [Stream] [Download] transport us with a Harley poem.

The panel discusses "page versus stage." [Stream] [Download]

Maureen Connolly

Maureen Connolly on Harleys and wanderlust.

Anna Husain

What did Anna Husain say?.

You could say that again, Anna. [Stream] [Download]

To rhyme or not to rhyme...
The panel has opinions. [Stream] [Download]

Listen to The Balloon Man [Stream] [Download] by Daniel Cleary.

Rhyming redux [Stream] [Download] by the panel.

Daniel Cleary

Daniel Cleary reciting The Balloon Man.

Jared Smith

Jared Smith gives us a helical poem.

Listen to Jared's twisting conundrum. [Stream] [Download]

The panel on Chicago poetry and the "Beat Poetic." [Stream] [Download]

Tommo tells us why he wants to be an astronaut. [Stream] [Download]

Our panel compares and contrasts styles. [Stream] [Download]


Tommo performing Why I Want to be an Astronaut.

Maggie Rubin

It could've been Maggie Rubin.

 Maggie Rubin reflects on New York, May 2000. [Stream] [Download]

 Where does the panel get off criticizing poets' work? [Stream] [Download]

Our first panelist, Larry Winfield, steps up to the microphone. [Stream] [Dowload]
An introduction to our next artist. [Stream] [Download]
Frank Varella recites a political poem.[Stream] [Download]
Political poetry: a panel discussion. [Stream] [Download]
Our "Fearless Leader" steps up to the plate. [Stream] [Download]
A brief definition of Chicago poetry. [Stream] [Download]
Kim reads two short pieces. [Stream] [Download]

Our panel discusses poetry and social change.[Stream] [Download]


Kim at the mic.



Leonard on Viet Nam. [Stream] [Download]

Leonard redux. [Stream] [Download]

Cynthia Gallagher gets Irish. [Stream] [Download]

Our panel discusses the use of voice. [Stream] [Download]

Cynthia Gallagher

Cynthia reciting her piece.

Carlos Cumpian shares his views on voice. [Stream] [Download]

Our panelists continue to reflect on voice. [Stream] [Download]
Jackie Wolk performs. [Stream] [Download]
Staging the page. [Stream] [Download]
Charlie Rossiter gets off his duff. [Stream] [Download]
Mixing poetry and musical performance. [Stream] [Download]
Sandra Wilcoxon recites Ham Bones. [Stream] [Download]
Are we being PC? [Stream] [Download]
Lee Groban recites and excerpt from The Cure for Insomnia. [Stream] [Download]
The influence of altered states of consciousness on poetry.[Stream] [Download]
Marcus recites. [Stream] [Download]
Another panel segue. [Stream] [Download]
Marty Campbell explores darker themes. [Stream] [Download]
Intro to Jane Ripley. [Stream] [Download]
Jane Ripley joins the fray. [Stream] [Download]
Dave reflects on time misspent. [Stream] [Download]
The panelists wrap up. [Stream] [Download]